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e-Publications® combines tradition with technology to deliver weekly bulletins, brochures, and other Parish publications.

Have you ever wanted to insert a news item into your weekly bulletin just after it was sent for printing?

With e-Paluch's new e-Publication service, you can insert news or vital information for your parishioners and community right up to the publication deadline you set. Please note, you must have the Adobe® Acrobat® Program that converts your publication into a "PDF" file that your Parishioners view using the "Free" downloadable Adobe Acrobat Reader®.

Subscribing to e-Publications gets your Parish's regularly scheduled publications into the hands of parishioners, and other interested persons, via e-mail within hours of the content being finalized. e-Paluch maintains the e-mail address list resulting from your parishioners, and others, subscribing online.

With e-Paluch's e-Publications, the number of publication pages is unlimited, the colors that can be used are infinite, and graphics such as clip art and photographs can be used freely. The only constraint is the time it takes to upload the file to e-Paluch. The publication, once uploaded, is then transmitted to the subscribing parishioner. Subscribing parishioners can choose to receive the publication as either an attachment, to an e-mail message, or as a link contained within the e-mail message.The link saves the parishioners time since they don't have to download the attachment.